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LETTER TO COMMUNITY: San Diego Log Cabin Republicans rescind Nathan Fletcher endorsement

Nathan Fletcher’s decision to leave the Republican Party this morning leaves a void for many mainstream Republican voters in the upcoming San Diego mayoral election.

Log Cabin Republicans is a Republican advocacy and volunteer organization first and foremost, and our bylaws clearly state that one must be a registered Republican to receive our endorsement.

So while we must rescind our chapter’s formal endorsement of Nathan’s campaign, we send with him our gratitude and thanks for his steadfast commitment to the conservative values of individual liberty, personal freedom and a limited government. His leadership calling for a repeal of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" strengthened our national security. Nathan’s advocacy for tax reform in Sacramento continues to aid our families during these tough economic times.

Nathan’s departure is a casualty of Prop 14’s "jungle primary" system, which has weakened the Party overall. Our Republican "Big Tent" just became one man smaller.

Victoria Kerley
President, San Diego Log Cabin Republicans