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COMMENTARY: What's up with all these kids in the neighborhood?

Have you noticed that Uptown neighborhoods are loaded with little kids these days? Morley Field is swarming with pre-K soccer teams. You can hardly walk down a South Park sidewalk without being sideswiped by a stroller. Rambunctious rugrats are running roughshod in respectable restaurants.

Well, you can thank me, among others, for what most Uptownies I’ve talked to agree is clearly a trend around these parts: raising children in our decidedly un-suburban environments.

Our twin girls were born at Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest just shy of three years ago, and it was during their gestation that I started noticing all the young families in our area. Have they always been here? I wondered. Is it possible I just haven’t been paying attention?

We had moved into our North Park cottage in 2004 after a short stint in Hillcrest, and I had not thought of ours as a particularly kid-centric neighborhood. But suddenly it seemed as if every other Uptown hipster over 30 was sporting a fully-loaded Ergo or pushing a Bob.

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