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LETTER TO EDITOR: What cultural war?

Your recent poll listed online alludes to the GOP's "war on women" stated as though it is fact.

It is this level of unsubstantiated, absurd hyperbole that dramatically weakens our political credibility. It makes the gay community seem woefully ill-informed, hysterically latching onto the most extreme left-wing propaganda.

No serious-minded person of any political persuasion believes that a modern day major political party has declared political war on 50% of the population. By perpetuating this fairy tale, you give license to people to dismiss gays as an extreme fringe group who are unable to think for themselves.

We have made great strides in gay rights, and we have so much further to go, and we will not get there if we allow ourselves to be marginalized by mindlessly regurgitating the most outrageous and irresponsible propaganda from the extreme fringes of the left wing.

David Baka