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LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Love Honor Cherish remains unwavering in its urgent pursuit of marriage equality

We have come so far. To think of the change that has happened in our nation in February alone is mind-boggling. Every day, we move closer towards marriage equality nationwide.

It’s thanks to supporters like you who continue to stand with us with your unwavering support, who continue to tell friends, family and co-workers about the importance of marriage equality, and who refuse to accept second-class citizenship, whether it’s for yourself or your LGBT loved ones.

These efforts are paying off. Recent polling shows deep, solid support for marriage equality here in California. We were thrilled to learn just yesterday that the Field Poll shows that Golden State registered voters now favor same-sex unions by 59 percent to 34 percent, a 25-point gap, the largest margin of support for the issue in the three-plus decades the Field Poll has been asking the question. This poll is consistent with the Tulchin Research poll from this past December that showed by a 2-to-1 margin, three out of five (60 percent) decline-to-state voters support marriage equality.

Sadly, we as a community did not rejoice in celebration. Yet again, the “leaders” of the LGBT movement instilled fear and doubted the Field Poll’s results to serve their own purposes, to justify their failure to ensure that we achieve marriage equality in California in 2012. This leap in support results from the millions of conversations since Prop 8. It should be applauded, not undermined.

Love Honor Cherish remains unwavering in its urgent pursuit of marriage equality. We are working, day and night, to achieve marriage equality here in California sooner rather than later, and we promise exciting updates on our current efforts and ideas in coming days and weeks.
It’s time!

In solidarity,

Eric Harrison
Interim Executive Director
Love Honor Cherish