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COMMENTARY: The redistricting mapping begins, and LGBT support is needed Saturday

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July holiday. Ah yes, fireworks, picnics, barbeque and the beaches.

As you may recall, we here at the LGBT Redistricting Task Force have had a few fireworks and some barbeque as well. Some of us were feeling the heat of a little roasting and beaching. But here we are, tan and rested, ready to continue the good work of drawing districts that will help elect a City Council that looks like the population of this city. We support diversity, not just on paper, but at the table of power. We support a core strength LGBT District 3.

To recap: Every 10 years the City of San Diego redraws the City Council district lines to adjust for increases in the population. This year is especially complex because we are adding a ninth City Council district. District 3 is at the center of revolutionary change that, if we do it right, will result in greater representation on the City Council for people of color and other communities of interest. These new districts will enhance our ability to continue electing members of the LGBT community.

The LGBT Redistricting Task Force has been working with a coalition of people of color and communities of interest for the last six months. All our hard work is now coming to fruition as the Redistricting Commission begins drawing the actual districts.

We are supporting the Community In Unity Map. This map respects the months of work and cooperation among the Latino, African-American, immigrant, heritage, LGBT, tourism and other communities of interest. If the commission adopts the suggestions contained in this map, it will create a Latino/Immigrant Coalition District, strengthen the LGBT District 3 and reflect the enormous changes in the demographics of San Diego that have occurred over the last decade. This is a good thing!

I know you are just about redistricted out. Too much drama. It’s summer, It’s Pride. You’re tired of me. Hell, I’m tired of me. But this is important. One more round. We need to show up to support our District 3 at the Redistricting Commission meeting this Saturday, 7/9/11, at 10 am at 202 C St., second floor. Wear purple or lavender. It will take less than 1 hour. The commissioners are ACTUALLY drawing the map so our input and support are crucial. See you there!

The LGBT Redistricting Task Force meets every 4th Wednesday at 7 pm at The Center in Hillcrest. The public is welcome. Please call (858) 775-2950 or contact Linda Perine (lindaperine@yahoo.com) for more information. Check out all the maps that have been submitted to the Redistricting Commission.