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Letter to the Editor: Who calls City Heights a “seedy ghetto”?

Editor's note: Nicole Murray-Ramirez has accused several well-known members of the LGBT community of being racist or bigoted at public meetings related to redistricting for the San Diego City Council. Frank Garcia, a resident of North Park, thinks those comments are hypocritical, and his Letter to the Editor explains why he thinks that way.

As a gay Latino who lives in North Park, I can't say I agree with some of the hypocrisy recently. The latest letters, editorials and “Conversations" all got me to think about something that I read a while back. I thought I'd share this with you.

Let me begin by using some printed quotes first so that you get the idea. These are from an article where this area of town (City Heights) was called a "ghetto" … "the people there are, shall we say, not the ‘Hillcrest’ crowd" .. "a ghetto land far away" .. "is ripe with some real characters and seedy looking people" … and finally, "If you make the journey to City Heights be prepared to see a wide variety of people who may dress differently, act or speak like they are from another country and even have little to no table manners. But if you can get beyond the cultural environment ..."

Now, you might think, "What kind of irresponsible person would say that about, and I quote, "District 3 ... the melting pot of our city and people have learned to know each other and their cultures and communities. (More than 30 languages are spoken in District 3.) Let's keep District 3 as it is and continue to be the pride of San Diego."?

Or, what terrible person would be so hateful toward people in a community that are "60 percent of color"? Why would someone say this when we are "... continuing the working and learning relationship that for decades has put people of color and gays together."

If you're asking yourself who, just who would be so blatantly disrespectful, well, it's our very own Nicole Murray Ramirez! So is it the 60% people of color or the 40% who are white that are "seedy," "have little to no table manners" and make City Heights the "ghetto" that it is? Guess we'll have to ask Nicole.

Read for yourself: All quotes taken from the now-defunct Gay & Lesbian Times.

The headline reads: Dining, Drinks & Desserts - City Heights Ghetto Burgers & Fries. The authors are Nicole & Papa Frank. It was published Aug. 12, 2010, in issue 1181.