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LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Taking issue with Nicole Murray-Ramirez

Editor's note: Vicky Kerley sent this "Open Letter: the LGBT Weekly and the LGBT Community of San Diego" to SDGLN and other media.

I am confused and appalled by the Opinion piece written by Nicole Murray-Ramirez that appeared in the LGBT Weekly this past Thursday.

I am confused that a supposed leader of the LGBT and Latino community would oppose the creation of the strongest possible LGBT civil rights supportive district. He then turns around, and in the name of diversity, opposes the creation of a Latino Empowerment District to help give the Latino community another seat at the table of power. Does that make any sense? It appears that Mr. Ramirez real priorities are simply that he does not want Councilmember Gloria to have to move. While I sympathize with Mr. Gloria, the Charter clearly states that districts cannot be drawn for the convenience of the incumbent.

I am appalled that Mr. Ramirez, unable to defend his position by strong argument or benefit to the communities in question, stoops to the lowest form of race baiting. He attacks a group of people whose only sin is working really hard to empower the LGBT and Latino communities. Oh, and according to Mr. Ramirez, being white.

I was appalled at his disrespect for Linda Perine and her hard work. She assembled a team that was diverse politically, socially, economically, and ethnically. She worked had to build a district that would be a gem for any representative. To call her a racist is appalling. She deserves an apology and respect for what she accomplished.

Log Cabin Republicans San Diego stands behind her work. I served on this task force gladly. I am a proud Republican and helped to draw a district that my party stands little chance of winning. Building a strong LGBT District is important for more than political reasons. This is our home. No matter where we sleep, the LGBT Community lives in District 3. That is one of the things I took away from this work. I am proud to have been on the task force and the work that was done. The work is not over either. These were just the pre-map meetings.

It saddens me that the leaders of a community that has had such heartbreaking losses to bullying, allow and indeed enable this kind of bullying in public discourse.

Can we please raise the level of the discussion? If you have good ideas or suggestions for redistricting, let’s hear them and talk them through with a modicum of civility.

Vicky Kerley
President of Log Cabins Republicans of San Diego