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OMG! “Gay” is out and "sodomy" is in ... for Religious Right, anyway

Language is such an important tool in media communication. America's conservatives play the game better than anybody. What is up ... is suddenly down. An innocent sounding catchphrase is actually sinister.

Look what America's Taliban is up to.

It didn’t take long for the Religious Right to leap for joy, praise Jesus and speak in tongues after UCLA's Williams Institute published a new study last week that contends there are only 9 million LGBT Americans.

Nevermind that the study by Gary J. Gates, a Williams Distinguished Scholar who specializes in the demography of the gay and lesbian population, has already come under great skepticism by scientists, scholars, the media and especially the LGBT community for its limited research and sketchy statistics that seem to make 6 million LGBT Americans to have vanished since a 2007 demographics study estimating the population at 15 million.

An ABC News report in the early 1980s, a "shocking look" at the gay America that was largely hidden from plain sight, reported that there were an estimated 20 million Americans 30 years ago. That's an even greater number than Gates can grasp.

The devil is in the statistics, anyway.

So the loonies of The Freedom Federation’s The Awakening 2011 met over the weekend at Liberty University – that great institute of Evangelical Christian learning founded by the homophobic Jerry Falwell – and decided this woeful undercounting of LGBT Americans was ripe for exploiting.

So they huddled in the presence of God himself and declared that “gay” is out and all sorts of name-calling is in! Jesus must be pleased at all this love coming from The Awakening.

It’s not an original idea, folks.

It bums the Religious Right that a perfectly good adjective like gay has become a “happy” word to describe the LGBT community. “Gay” shall now become “sodomy” or “same-sex intercourse” or “unnatural vice” or “same-sex attraction” or “anti-Christian,” according to Religious Dispatches.

The LGBT community is snickering today. Imagine that the word gay is no longer considered an insult by the Religious Right.

Wow. A sign of progress.

The End Times must be near!