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COMMENTARY: Why redistricting matters

It is so wonky, even Rachel Maddow probably yawns.

There are no semi-naked dancing boys or girls. No Mojitos. No Marasca Fizzes.

It won’t help your sex life (although I personally have not given up entirely on that angle).

So why should you care where those squiggly re-districting lines get drawn?

Well, it matters because, more than campaigns, cash or candidates, district lines determine who will make major decisions about your life for the next decade.

Redistricting – splitting the city into nine districts of approximately 145,000 people each – is happening now. Strangely, happily, almost incredibly, this is probably the most egalitarian and democratic process you can imagine. That means your voice, if you chose to use it, WILL be heard.

Seven citizens – not politicians, not lobbyists, not party hacks, not rich people – citizens - are going to spend an enormous amount of time and energy listening to people just like you and me tell them what WE want the most important political entities in the city to be. Then they are going to draw the lines to reflect what we tell them we want.

The districts they draw will change the face of the city for the next decade and beyond.

If you care about the City of San Diego, if you care about your neighborhood, if you care about being able to walk down the street in Hillcrest holding your lover’s hand, you should attend the redistricting hearings that will be held throughout the city.

The world truly does belong to those who show up. It would be terrific if you showed up Monday, March 21, to 9192 Topaz Way, San Diego, CA 92123.

The "party" starts at 6:30 pm, but if you show up at 6:15pm we can get organized.

Call me at (858) 775-2950 or e-mail me at lindaperine@yahoo.com with questions.

By the way, I’m working on the dancing boys and girls. Please wear a lavender or purple shirt.