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COMMENTARY: Join Canvass For A Cause’s call for action against Target

Big-box retailer Target, despite its progressive company policies toward its LGBT employees, continues to stick its foot in its corporate mouth when it comes to gay rights.

Today, Target sued San Diego-based Canvass For A Cause (CFAC) to stop its volunteers from speaking to customers entering and leaving its stores in California.

Court documents show that Target is afraid that its customers might think that the corporation is supportive of gay marriage, one of the various issues that CFAC supports in its petition drives and conversations with passers-by.

The judge in the case denied a motion for a temporary restraining order against the group, saying that CFAC’s right to free speech trumped Target’s business interests. The trial was set for March 25.

CFAC is a grass-roots 501(c)(4) organization formed shortly after California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state, was passed in 2008.

Tres Watson, CFAC’s executive director, said the group has 18 staff members and an annual budget of about $250,000.

Target is a profitable billion-dollar company that operates 1,750 big-box discount stores across the U.S. and employs one of the top legal firms in the world, Morrison & Foerster.

Watson said that his volunteer attorney, Rachel Scoma, is fighting an uphill battle against Morrison & Foerster, which has an army of lawyers working at their offices that are scattered around the globe.

He is urging for people with a legal background to volunteer to fight the Target lawsuit by contacting Scoma at this e-mail address: Rachel@canvassforacause.org.

CFAC is asking the LGBT community and its allies for a call of action, to contact local Target stores and ask to speak to a store manager. File a complaint that Target is attacking the LGBT community and the right of free speech.

Here are the phone numbers:

Mission Valley Target (619) 542-0025

Encinitas Target (760) 633-1406

Poway Target (858) 679-8202

Target corporate offices (800) 440-0680