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Vote with Pride

Vote with Pride,

Today is primary election day, and we know that the results of this election will have huge impacts on the general election and our community for years to come.

Letter to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is our wake up call

Letter to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is our wake up call.

They say down south don’t speak of religion sex or politics. I moved to California so I could, The thing is politics affects every part of our lives if we like it or not. I am a part of several marginalized groups that have traditionally had to shut up and take it, to tow the line and wait my turn.

Celebrate black excellence

Celebrate black excellence.

For the past several years our country has seen a rise in hate speech and violence. Most at risk are the people whose lives rest at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities.

Rusticucina now open on Park Blvd in Hillcrest

Formerly Sirens, and before that, Pardon Our French, 3797 Park Boulevard has seen its fair share of restaurant purveyors vying to make their mark on the desirable neighborhood space, while Hillcrest dwellers have been aching for something to finally stick.

We need more Love Warriors

We need more Love Warriors.

Back in 2008, in San Diego, during the course of the entire No on 8 campaign, only around 9,000 volunteers took part in the campaign that entire year as we fought to protect our freedom to marry.

One of the challenges organizers faced when trying to recruit volunteers was folks claiming, “California is so progressive. This will never pass in California.” We lost that campaign. 

The scramble for black votes

The scramble for black votes.

As an African American woman voter, I'm part of the powerful voting bloc the DNC chair, Tom Perez, calls the "backbone" of the party. However, they'll need to earn it.

Nominate your Inspiration

The first time I went to the Spirit of Stonewall Rally was in 2000.

It was only a few weeks before that I had been homeless and living in my car. I was from the rural border town of El Centro and didn’t know what Pride really was, but I knew there were LGBTQ people there and I knew it was in Hillcrest.

We found their Anti-LGBTQ playbook

We found their Anti-LGBTQ playbook.

We all know that voting is important. For the last few years, our community and other marginalized communities have been feeling the consequences of dramatic backward sliding policy shifts put forward by elected officials who do not reflect the values of diversity and equity.

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher backs Whitburn for City Council District 3

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher backs Whitburn for City Council District 3.

San Diego, CA – Supervisor Nathan Fletcher joins the police, health care workers, the San Diego County Democratic Party, and over 100 community leaders in asking voters to elect non-profit and long-time community leader Stephen Whitburn to the San Diego City Council, District 3.