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Stephen Whitburn campaign team named

SAN DIEGO -- Stephen Whitburn, candidate for San Diego County Board of Supervisors, has announced his campaign team in his challenge to 16-year incumbent Ron Roberts.

-- Jennifer Tierney, who brings years of successful campaign work experience in San Diego, will act as the General Consultant for the race.

-- Barry Klein, a highly accomplished campaign professional who has worked on successful campaigns around the country, will act as the Campaign Manager.

-- Jane Filner, a gifted professional fundraiser, will be instrumental in ensuring Team Whitburn has the funding necessary to communicate with voters.

-- Fernando Lopez is one to the top field managers in California and will serve as Deputy Campaign Manager/Field Director.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to put together a team of this caliber,” Whitburn said. “It is a clear indication of the strength of this campaign and the vulnerability of the 16-year incumbent.

“As I speak to voters throughout the 4th District, it’s clear that they are disillusioned with our Do-Nothing Board of Supervisors. I hear over and over again that it’s time for leadership with fresh, bold ideas, not the tired political games of the last 20 years,” he said. “In these changing times we need a Supervisor with the energy and drive to bring businesses to San Diego to create jobs, and a renewed focus on crime prevention and fire protection to make sure our communities are safe.”