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COMMENTARY: Fight back against the broken promises on ENDA

Editor's note: This e-mail was sent by GetEQUAL to its followers and the media.

Dear friends,

Congress is leaving town at the end of July to go back to their home districts and campaign for re-election. Unfortunately, just this week, the Washington Post reported that the Democratic leadership has no plans to make good on their promises of taking up ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) when they return in September.

Sadly, we're not surprised.

Our so-called "friends" in Congress who are stumping for re-election, speaking at our Pride events and addressing our organizational galas have promised passage of ENDA month after month, and year after year. Why are we allowing our "friends" to collect awards and accolades while breaking their promises?

It may not be nice and it certainly won't get us invited to any fancy Washington cocktail parties, but we aren't going down without a fight! To us, the silence is deafening and we want you to help us do something about it.

Who do you think we should hold accountable?

-- Should it be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has promised us since May that a vote will happen by the second week of June?

-- Should it be Rep. Barney Frank, who said "we will get this [ENDA] done fairly quickly," but then called GetEQUAL's pressuring tactics "immature" and "tacky"?

-- Should it be Rep. George Miller, who heads the House Education and Labor Committee and has said via a spokesperson "he intends to get to it [ENDA] very shortly?"

-- Should it be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said that he will "fight hard for the votes to get it passed," but who has failed thus far to pressure the last few Senators for their votes?

We're launching direct actions immediately and want to give you the opportunity to decide who is at the top of your list.

Who do you think we should hold accountable? Vote at http://getequal.org/accountable.php

Get Out! Get Active! GetEQUAL!

The GetEQUAL crew