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Tracy Emblem updates her 2010 campaign

This is the open letter that Tracy Emblem sent to her supporters after Tuesday's primary election.

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your commitment to my campaign for United States Congress. Your hard work and efforts brought neighbors together, shed light on important issues, and empowered people in our community to further progress through grassroots work and determination.

We worked every day to build coalitions and put in the sweat equity. We knew that a weakened economy meant that we would have to run a financially lean campaign. And when the analysts expected a low turnout in the 2010 mid-term primaries, we listened. We set our sights on 150 targeted precincts in the 50th.

With the help of committed volunteers and supporters like you, we made over 65,000 live calls into the district talking with voters about issues important to our community. We also knocked on doors and our student volunteers logged in more than 2000 hours of visibility at community events and on busy intersections and freeway overpasses during rush hour in the final days leading up to June 8th Democratic Primary.

I'm sure like me, you are frustrated and feeling the pain of Tuesday night's election results. The returns were disappointing because they were inconsistent with the feedback we received from our field voter contact communications. 2 to 1 results favoring my Democratic opponent from every part of the district didn't make sense when our internal polling data showed our targeted precincts supporting me 3 to 1. And 10,000 votes did not make sense with more than 20 labor unions endorsing my candidacy who have voters living in the 50th.

We ran a vigorous campaign. There still are 160,000 absentee ballots waiting to be counted and until the final tally I am not making any official endorsements, concessions or statements.

The campaign and I would like to personally THANK each and every one of you for your support.