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Reforming Health Care: Why We Must Stand With ChoiceCa

Health care reform as currently crafted could stand to improve the lives of the greatest number of LGBT Americans in decades and parlay as a watershed civil rights victory for years to come.

News from Todd Gloria

Two meetings this week focused on your input are highlighted below.

We all must pay for emergency services

As California endures painful budget cuts and waits for its economy to recover, the threat of wildfires continues without regard to unemployment figures or economic forecasts.

San Diego Shoots to Score in World Cup Bid

The economic impact that the World Cup games generates cannot be overstated. Hosting an event of this magnitude means 5,000-8,000 local jobs, potentially $350-$500 million in tourism revenue and a national economic impact of over $6 billion.

Vatican Bans Gays, But E.T. Is OK?

According to the Catholic News Service 30 high-level scientists from across the world met at the Vatican Observatory Nov. 6-10 to consider the possibility of alien life.

A Note From Todd Gloria

A few months ago, I became known for my comment that there was nothing sexier than a newly paved street. Though I can’t say that I find budget deficits nearly as stimulating, the City’s budget situation remains a formidable task to address and must remain at the forefront of my conversations with you.

Legal Ease: When the Debt Collector Comes Calling...

Receiving a telephone call or letter from a debt collector can be a frightening experience; however, there are a few things you can do to take control of your situation and keep the collectors at bay.

State Needs More Resources to Fight Wildfires

The situation is compounded by the increasing cost of fighting fires as climate change, drought, and housing development in more isolated areas combine to burn hundreds of thousands of acres and cost the state more than $1 billion a year.

Governor Signs Five Kehoe Bills into Law

Gov. Schwarzenegger recently signed five of my bills into law, including ones dealing with redevelopment funds, solar energy, and hybrid vehicles.