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Legal Ease: Protecting Yourself with a Restraining Order

A restraining order is a court order that requires another to stay away from you, your family, and your work / place of business. It will help protect you from physical abuse, being threatened, stalked or harassed.

Tracy Emblem- From Welfare to Congress?

Emblem is running to serve the 50th Congressional District. Should Emblem win the Democratic nomination she will most likely face Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray and Libertarian Wayne Dunlap.

Manhattan Declaration -- Who Are They Kidding?

NOM head, Maggie Gallagher, as she puts it, “likes fairy tales.” This sure sounds like a fairy tale to me, a very scary one.

My Plan to Address Recession Driven Budget Deficit

Yesterday I released my proposed budget for the next 18 months, a budget that will close our projected $179 million deficit now rather than waiting until June 2010.

Response to Mayor’s Proposed Budget Cuts

The Mayor’s proposed budget reductions are painful; however they are not as much of a fatal blow to the city’s workers and services as they could have been.

Creating Family

The conversation has moved toward a discussion of G-spots. Some of the freshmen heterosexual girls that call this place home begin to giggle.

Finding and Expressing Gratitude

Some say thankfulness is hard to find after a year like the last one; I respectfully disagree.


In every discussion of politics, it’s imperative that those who claim they aren’t political see that there is no escaping the political.

A Conservative Ethic- Why I Voted YES on 8

I didn't know until nearly a year after the Prop. 8 vote that the rights, privileges and benefits given to marriages and those given to civil unions are not equal. Quite frankly, this knowledge would not have changed my vote.