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Progress toward solving San Diego's fiscal challenges

Wednesday, the City Council approved by a 7-1 margin my spending plan for the city through the final six months of the current fiscal year as well as next year. By adopting an 18-month budget, we were able to spread out the projected deficit for next year over a longer period of time, and that means fewer services had to be cut to balance the budget.

To thine own self be true

“Coming Out” should be a celebration for everyone in the LGBT community. It’s a time when the individual has matured and fully recognizes and appreciates the person they truly are.

News from Councilmember Todd Gloria

Happy Holidays! I hope you are taking the opportunity to participate in the myriad holiday events throughout Council District Three this season.

Legal Ease: Recycling in San Diego

So, why should you recycle? Does it really save the environment or provide any tangible benefit? The answer to both questions is YES! Whether you are a rabid environmentalist or a fiscal conservative, there are reasons for you to recycle.

The City budget- you get what you pay for

Over the past two months I have held several budget forums, spoken with many neighbors, written articles, and participated in official City budget meetings, all to help educate and inform the community about the budget deficit and to encourage neighbors to educate and inform me of your priorities, questions and concerns.

FIGHT said Fred: A beacon of hope for the LGBT Community subpoened

Fred Karger has generated so much heat, he is now being subpoenaed by NOM, who are trying to force him into silence. NOM is currently embroiled in a federal lawsuit to end the disclosure of all campaign contributions in California and they want Fred to feel the heat, too, or get out of the kitchen.

Bringing opportunity to more small businesses

Small businesses form the backbone of San Diego’s economy, and we’d like to make it easier for small contractors to take advantage of opportunities on city public works projects.

LGBT Americans outraged at delay in basic job rights

In light of continuing delays in the House of Representatives, it must be stated clearly and unequivocally: Passing basic job protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people must happen now.

Budgets equal lives- CalADAP on the ropes

HIV/AIDS service-providers, recipients, and advocates will likely find a big lump of coal in their stockings this holiday season. That’s because according to budget projections, California’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (CalADAP) has a target on its back this upcoming fiscal year.