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Reasons To Be Optimistic

SAN DIEGO - So far, 2010 has been a year of challenges. We continue to hear the economy is improving but prices don’t reflect it. Unemployment and underemployment mean finances are tighter. We are all trying to get by on less, but trimming seems to be more difficult than any of us can remember.

We are kicking off a new program called Put Pride Aside and it’s a great resource to help those San Diegans who need it most. They’re our friends, neighbors, family members and perhaps even ourselves, who just can’t stretch the household budgets any further. Put Pride Aside is designed to help with family food shortages, including food stamps, low-cost auto insurance, discounts on utility bills, and more. Many San Diegans don't even realize they qualify for these programs.

This is especially true for many of the men and women serving in our military. I've written to our Congressional delegation to ask for a change in how they calibrate combat pay against eligibility for some of these services.

This is a city-wide issue and the entire City Council is working together to get the message out. We've teamed up with the San Diego Food Bank, 211, SDG&E, and many other organizations. You'll be seeing public service announcements on City-TV and on cable. Look for the special insert page in this edition of The Emerald News explaining Put Pride Aside.

There are plenty of other issues concerning District Seven and we continue to tackle them head-on. There's a new collaboration between SDSU and the Urban Corps to clean up and monitor Alvarado Canyon Creek. The Lake Murray Playground Project is moving forward with some great ideas and plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. School children are setting a great example for us all with their projects to help with Haitian Relief, while other youngsters are interested in City government.

As we head into late winter and early spring in San Diego, 2010 will continue to offer chal-lenges but if we face them together and work as one, we can accomplish anything.

The councilwoman's opinion does not reflect the editorial position of SDGLN.