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An open letter to San Diego LGBT Pride Board regarding recent Town Hall meeting

To: The current Board of Directors of San Diego LGBT Pride: Philip Princetta, Chair; Mike Karim, Treasurer; and Carl Worrell, Secretary.

From: Co-moderators Joyce Marieb and Stephen Whitburn, conveying the messages from community members who assembled for a Town Hall Meeting on January 10, 2010, in the auditorium of the LGBT Center.

Subject: Community concern regarding the recent awarding of $5,000 to Dr. Princetta from Pride organization funds; the dismissal of the Executive Director, Ron DeHarte; and the subsequent resignations of two staff members, Jeffrey Redondo and Ken St. Pierre.

Dear Board members:

The Town Hall Meeting drew more than 200 community members who were deeply concerned about the Pride organization and the future of the organization. In the two hour meeting, about 40 people took the opportunity to approach the microphones and voice their concerns and requests for action.

While many sentiments were brought forth, three emerged as top themes. The assembled community voted to:

1. Declare no confidence in the current Pride Board.
2. Call for your resignations, due to the lack of confidence.
3. Call for the reinstatement of staff, including the Executive Director and the staff members who resigned.

The votes on the first two items were nearly unanimous. Please give the community's views your serious consideration. In the interest of transparency, please respond publicly to this communication.

Stephen Whitburn & Joyce Marieb