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Illinois Senate candidate attacks opponent for being gay

Andy Martin, republican candidate for US Senate, has publicly announced that his republican opponent, Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk, is a homosexual. He didn't just whisper this - he very blatantly stated it this week in a new radio spot, naming several renown Republican party members as sources for this information.

The ad is the first in a campaign called "D-Day: Disclose the facts, Disseminate the truth, and Defeat Mark Kirk."

Of course, as quickly as his allegations began screaming across the networks and the internet, his "sources" matched his pace by immediately going on record to denounce his comments and distance themselves from him.

Had you Googled the name Andy Martin a week ago you'd have found a myriad of results- mostly in his right-winged favor. During his long, multi-faceted career, Martin has been described as an attorney, a Senate aide, a "national radio personality," an "internet journalist," an erstwhile politician, and more recently, a candidate for US Senator.

If you were to Google him today; however, first and foremost you would find this slanderous campaign spot. An even closer look shows that despite all the titles he's held in the many years he's made sure his name has stayed in the news, the one moniker that seems to stick - appropriately enough - has been King of Smear. (Although one website now labels him a "homophobic jackass.")

Second only to Karl Rove in the art of smear, Martin, a self-proclaimed "fearless Internet powerhouse," is currently running for the US Senate seat previously held by President Barack Obama. The locally aired - but nationally publicized - smear ad against congressman Kirk has generated an abundance of heat and been denounced by the majority of his colleagues in the GOP.

Still, the ever-confident Martin is said to be already preparing a new round of ad attacks to support his "D-Day campaign," aimed to expose Kirk's "other sexual peccadilloes."

It is important to note that Martin has run for political office 15 times- not once having been successful. In other words, he has never held a political office. He is, however, very well known for exploiting others who have.

Mark Kirk (a Georgetown University law school alum) on the other hand, is the current front-runner in this campaign, and has been a successful, moderate-republican Illinois state Congressman since 2001. Additionally, and maybe even more importantly, Kirk is one of only two active drilling US Navy Reservists in Congress today.

He was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in 1989, which makes this writer (a previous member of the enlisted US Navy Reserve Intelligence community herself) surmise that he has risen to at least the level of Commander (O5) if not Captain (O6) by now. Note: SDGLN.com has confirmed that Kirk is a Captain.

This potential "outing," then, whether true or false, has much more to it if you take the time to peel back the onion.

It clearly is not just a typical, strategic, political affront by Martin towards Kirk in the run for a US Senate seat. No way. Because with the added media attention it has already garnered, it could also easily bring to bear the professional scrutiny of one of the highest ranking military members ever, under Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT). The only other equally high profile case (which ended in expulsion) was that of National Guard Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer, in 1995.

Wow. Let's think about that for a minute.

In a political climate where DADT is at the forefront of many citizen's and politician's minds.......what better way to hit a home run? Knock Kirk out of favor, the Senate race, his Congressional seat AND his prestigious military career? Hmmmmm.

Back to the basics, there is little irony in all of this. Martin has a long history of smear campaigns, and a great many of them deal with President Barack Obama, himself.

Andy Martin filed the very first lawsuit regarding Obama's birth certificate / citizenship, and regularly emphasized - to anyone who would print or film him - Obama's given middle name (Hussein).

He was also the first to float the idea that Obama was actually a Muslim and "lying about his religion." Of course once this idea hit the airwaves, it took on a life of its own. This rumor still dogs the President to this day.....and Martin is ultimately responsible.

Martin also made assumptions on national TV about when and under what circumstances Obama met William Ayers. Those assumptions were wrong, of course, but unfortunately, it appears some only need to see a "sound bite" on the FOX News channel to believe it as truth. He also regularly stated that Obama's role as a "community organizer" was merely "political staging" and "training for a radical overthrow of the government."

Whew. Really? How can anyone take this guy seriously? But there is more....he seems to have a clear pattern of eating his own.....

In 2000, during one of his several unsuccessful runs for President, he advertised that George W. Bush did cocaine. We now know that might be true, but the point is, he tried to (unsuccessfully) use it to his advantage.

In 2002, he lambasted former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani for several reasons, one being that he was "pandering" to the World Trade Center victims. Really? That alone should put him in the Hall of Shame.

Then in 2003, he reported on his radio program that he personally had found the exact location where Saddam Hussein was hiding out and put in a claim for the $25,000 the Bush Administration had offered. Really? And people may still vote for him?

He also has a history of anti-semitic and racially charged comments over the years, in one incidence, referring to a judge during an interview as a "crooked, slimy, Jew." Yet, on the website dedicated to his run for US Senate, he calls out his opponent Mark Kirk for his own racist views, saying they are "bad for Illinois; bad of (sic) America."

But still, he continues to remain relevant among followers.

"The issue is not homosexuality," Martin opines on his political website, "the question is hypocrisy; people are entitled to their privacy, but they are not entitled to live public lives in the closet."

Mark Kirk and his wife of 8 years legally divorced this past summer. Does that leave him open to hypocrisy? Martin says Kirk is living with his lover in D.C., and that "Kirk is swamping the state with bogus ads touting his conservative credentials while concealing his convoluted personal lifestyle from the public."

After researching Martin's history, one wonders how those reading his words don't weigh them against his own life-long list of hypocrisies.

Because if you really look, there are Republican denouncements going back to 1996, several jail stints, physical assaults on cameramen, lawyer license revocations, multiple unsuccessful runs for office......but no where can it be found what his personal life is about. Has he ever been married? Is HE living a life of hypocrisy? Will this scandal cause him to shoot himself in the foot and inadvertently forcibly uncover skeletons of his own?

What is most disturbing is that the topic of a candidate's sexuality itself, is indeed good political strategy.

Listen to the radio spot:

Stay tuned. This story may unfold faster than Tiger's.