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VIDEO: Groping for answers to Eric Massa's rapid fall

Massa’s roller-coaster ride into self-destruction continues unabated this week as he desperately tries to explain away his bizarre behavior and avoid answering whether he is a closeted gay man.

Our LGBT history is the future for tomorrow's LGBT adults

When Jess Jessop founded the Archives, as he was dying, he was trying to tell us how important knowing our history really is for our community.

A conviction for DUI in San Diego might soon require a DNA sample

California's Proposition 69 was modeled after the system in Great Britain, one geared heavily toward DNA database collection. The idea is to collect DNA from anyone arrested and/or convicted of a criminal offense, no matter the severity.

How racism, assaults, rapes and murders all connected

It's time to take a closer look at the recent events of San Diego and realize, we cannot have a cook-off until our region eliminates all rapes, assaults, murders, disappearances and other crimes.

The hypocrisy of an anti-gay senator and those who protected his secret

News of the DUI arrest of an anti-gay state senator who had just left a popular Sacramento gay bar with a younger man has spread across the globe faster than a California wildfire moves. And it has opened a Pandora’s box on a number of issues.

Don't ask; please, don't ask

Personally, being gay in the military had zero affect on my ability to perform my duties or others around me to perform theirs. However, this never prevented those intent on removing homosexuality from the Marine Corps, from attempting to root out those of us that served.