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Finding and Expressing Gratitude

Some say thankfulness is hard to find after a year like the last one; I respectfully disagree. It’s exactly in years like these that I find myself most grateful and above all else, grateful to be a San Diegan.

Grateful to be amongst a community that for almost four decades has been infused with a spirit of generosity and service that has helped us all move forward at an incredible rate. Few cities in the nation have as broad-ranging, vibrant and well-developed an LGBT community as ours. Fewer still have been able to sustain it across the tumult of the last 40 years. Your compassionate and courageous dedication and spirit of service are what I am grateful for today.

San Diegans have built the second oldest and third largest LGBT Community Center in the nation, and done the incredibly hard work of sustaining it! You have helped us provide programs and services to seniors, families, youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer survivors, women, men, transgender people and people of color. Your generosity and service have helped make possible services and programs for more than 36,000 San Diegans annually, 3000 people a month! Because of you, every day The Center is able to answer more than 100 calls for information, referrals and help. Because of you we can offer LGBT-affirmative health and mental health services for more than 500 people every week, and provide support and resources to the nearly 400 young people who visit the Hillcrest Youth Center every month. Because of you we are able to organize AIDS Walk San Diego, the region’s largest one-day HIV/AIDS fundraiser, which benefits over 20 organizations serving people living with HIV, we can continue to reach out to 18,000 people every week to share information about LGBT community events and resources, and we can offer more than 100 community groups a safe place to meet.

I cannot thank you enough for your commitment and generosity!