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Notes from The Center

The last decade has seen unprecedented changes for the LGBT community and for The Center. But we aren't done yet. As we near 2010 it's time to begin to build upon the incredible foundation that the community has spent the last decade building. Change is here and more is coming.

As we at The Center continue to look to the future and complete our strategic planning, we want your input. Please take one of our surveys and let us know what matters to you - what you think we're doing well, what you think we could do better, what you want more of, what you think is no longer needed, what directions you think are the future of our community. Your opinion matters and will have a direct impact on the programs and services we offer over the coming five years.

Our first survey saw almost 1,000 people respond! Our current survey assesses the retirement and housing needs of our LGBT community members ages 50 and Better. You can link to the survey here or through The Center's website at www.thecentersd.org. It takes only 10-15 minutes and all responses are confidential.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center is the nation's second oldest and third largest LGBT Community Center. Begun with the incredible vision of the founders and nurtured through the ups and downs of the long road of progress, its continued vitality is a testament unto itself. And no period has seen more growth and change than the last decade - except, of course, the coming decade!

As a community, we've seen incredible changes in the last 10 years.

We have watched in wonder as our definition of ourselves has expanded and we have become mothers, fathers, families. We have gained acceptance within our families of origin and witnessed younger generations growing up with less hatred and self-doubt and an incredible energy for and dedication to the work to attain equality.

Over the last decade the San Diego LGBT community has grown in size, strength, diversity and complexity, and The Center has grown along with it. We have launched both the Hillcrest Youth Center and the Sunburst Housing Project, established targeted, community-supported programs such as Latino/a Services, Senior Services and the Women's Resource Center, and Family Matters returned to The Center. We have seen recognition of San Diego's vital role in state politics grow across the last five years, watched the establishment of the public policy department and a separate C4 organization and so much more. Today, more than 3,000 people every month come to The Center for services, programs and activities.

Together we have found our strength and learned how to organize and use it. We have come together in protest and in celebration. We have worked side by side to change our world and make it a better place. We have learned that we can work together in spite of our differences and, although we haven't won all of our battles, we have won many. Now it's time for all of us to help shape even more changes.

Over the next two months, please weigh in with your opinions and comments. We need all of you across every segment of our community to be heard and to help shape the future. Thank you for your support of The Center and for your dedication to making a real, measurable difference in our community.