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An Introduction to 51%

Females comprise 50% of the California population, 50.7% of the American population and 51% of the global population (www.quickfacts.census.gov).

As such, women deserve a prominent voice in politics and policies affecting women, men and youth. Although women are 51% of the planet’s people, we don’t demand 51% of the glory, 51% of the economic gains, or 51% representation in politics, business and the media. We’d settle for half. Let’s be fair and split it, equally.

Some of us strive to equalize the presence women have in politics by providing opportunities for women to become involved along routes of policy making. “We” of 51%-A Woman’s Place Is In Politics, are doing just that. We produce quarterly events for women to meet and learn from local politicians. We know to create better lives for ourselves we must be more vocal and visible in all aspects of government. Although our primary focus is not in electing women to office, we want women to consider the continuum of possibilities from learning how to vote to being voted for.

“We” who created this group are Tryce Czyczynska, writer and host of The Center’s Coffee & Conversation With Cool Women, and Lisa N. Sanders, daughter of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. We consider ourselves fair-minded activists who bring diversity to the table. Both Tryce and Lisa grew up enjoying banter between our Republican fathers and Democratic mothers. Lisa became the Republican who doesn’t always follow party lines. Tryce became the non-dogmatic Democrat. We are inherently bi-partisan, and founded our group as non-partisan.

We’re at a time in history when the best solutions are far reaching and inclusive of many ideologies. We’re in a tight economy. It’s time for us to learn better ways of effecting change with well placed effort and minimal cost. It’s why we offer free and direct access to politicians, in your communities, in our quarterly meet & greets. We know few of us can venture to Sacramento to talk to the higher-ups. We know few of us can afford $300 a plate banquets that feature politicians as guests of honor. Our solution is to bring your officials to your neighborhoods, for you to talk to for free.

Our events are for women of all walks of life. Each includes at least one politician, as a guest, to meet and greet a predominantly female audience. A short, live interview, hosted by Tryce, offers an in-depth view of what enlightens our political guests to care about women’s rights. The interviews provide answers from our guests about how we can effect greater change for better lives. Conversation between audience members and the politicians present is not only encouraged, it’s the priority.

We feel political involvement of women is crucial in providing positive change for both women and the world at large. We want women to think and act more consciously about how they can be effective in their communities and how they can influence policy makers to act in the best interests of women. We want politicians and policy makers to make a concerted effort to be available to our women’s community. Our group also provides policy makers opportunities to learn the concerns of the women they represent.

We realize we can’t win equal rights, and secure those we have, if we take equal rights for granted. We know that trailblazing women have forged before us. We crave mentorship and to connect generations of sage to middle-age and under-aged females. Education and respect of experience are key to understanding how to move women’s rights forward. As 51%, we know our struggle is not over, our rights are not concrete and that much can be gained from coming together.

We are thrilled to be part of the political voice you’ll hear from SDGLN.COM. As co-founders of 51%-A Woman’s Place Is In Politics, Tryce and Lisa will share commentary on the unique challenges facing women in politics. Whether it’s gaining equal pay for equal work, safer streets for walking our dogs, or medical insurance that covers both contraception and fertility, we’ll share our different, yet blended views from our female perspectives. We hope to inspire you to raise your voice for 51% of the world’s people.