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Where is the Economic Stimulus Money?

Recently I attended a meeting of local small business owners that State Senator Christine Kehoe hosted in her office. We heard one horror story after another from well run companies that have had their line of credit canceled even though they have paid their bank back on time year after year. They are losing the annual funding they count on to get through the slow winter months. The overwhelming question from these worried owners was "Why isn't any of the economic stimulus money getting to us?" They feel overlooked and several are on the verge of going under without federal assistance. It is encouraging to hear President Obama speak of the need for such aid. However, action speaks louder than words and there is a way you can add your voice at this critical time.

The single most effective way to have your voice heard in Washington: WRITE YOUR CONGRESS MEMBERS! Don't use email; sit down and type out a letter and send it via USPS for the greatest impact.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the staff of a U.S. Senator on a daily basis, so I got to see how letters and postcards are handled: form letters and duplicated postcards get bundled up and totaled. But personal letters from constituents of that Senator or Congressman/woman frequently land on their desk. They get read and answered. And they do count, especially if you live in their district.

Letters do not have to be long. In fact, short ones to the point usually receive the most attention. Let them know how important funding for small businesses is to our economy. And that we need action now. If you need economic stimulus money for your business, let them know.

Please take the time to write now, while we have the attention of the President and the Congress in this critical matter.

If enough letters arrive on the desks of our elected representatives and senators, they will act.