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Welcome to the Neighborhood

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to participate in the launch of the SDGLN.COM. As an openly gay man and as the representative for the Third District of the San Diego City Council, I understand the critical importance of comprehensive sources of news, culture and entertainment for our community and the greater region.

I congratulate the SDGLN creators for their initiative to deliver daily relevant news. SDGLN’s new approach to reporting will offer the LGBT community a different perspective on major issues. Providing the public with the most up-to-date information on pertinent topics that surround the LGBT community is essential in creating an open dialogue concerning the challenges we continue to face in San Diego, as well as issues of common interest.

Community involvement is a cornerstone to our functioning government, and I personally depend on public input so I can best represent the needs and concerns of San Diegans. Both involvement and input are enriched by information. It is my hope that SDGLN augments the local media industry as another source of consistent, unbiased, timely news.

SDGLN’s focus on creating community is commendable as well. We can accomplish far more as the LGBT community and as a society when we consider our commonalities instead of our differences. By building coalitions, we have made great strides in San Diego. I was proud to be able to secure unanimous support in proclaiming May 22 as Harvey Milk Day in San Diego. I was proud to obtain unanimous City Council support for the repeal of the federal discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. I was proud to have six of my City Council colleagues, Mayor Jerry Sanders, and Independent Budget Analyst Andrea Tevlin join me in the Pride Parade.

Working together, we have increased our street repairs by 400% over last year, returned Community Relations Officers to the neighborhoods which need them most, and held more public hearings in communities throughout the City to encourage public participation. These successes would have been unheard of only a few years ago and are all testaments to the power of collaboration.

I extend my best wishes to all those who have worked so hard on launching SDGLN and look forward to seeing its evolution, hopefully as a new partner in the endeavor of a stronger San Diego.