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Marriage Equality

Gay marriages fueling Palm Springs boom

A fiancé visa clears the way for citizens from other countries to easily come into the United States to marry U.S. citizens, within 90 days of stepping onto U.S. soil.

Growing number of gay immigrants benefiting from DOMA ruling

While proponents of gay marriage have been winning court victories in state after state, one part of the ruling quietly gaining momentum and generating controversy is that many gays are now able to qualify for legal residency if they marry their same-sex partner.

Support for gay marriage hits record level in U.S.

Americans' support for the law recognizing same-sex marriages as legally valid has increased yet again, now at 55%. Marriage equality advocates have had a string of legal successes over the past year, most recently this week in Pennsylvania and Oregon where federal judges struck down bans on gay marriage.

HRC: Maine findings suggest NOM violated laws in other states

A Maine enforcement action made public today indicates that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) may have intentionally violated a variety of state laws in 2009, including not only Maine but also Iowa and New Hampshire campaign finance laws.

U.S. marks decade of same-sex couples marrying

Ten years ago Massachusetts became the first state in America where same-sex couples could share in the freedom to marry. Since then, 16 other states and Washington, DC have followed, resulting in 40% of Americans who now live in a state with the freedom to marry, up from zero a decade ago.

Dolly Parton speaks out on gay marriage

Same-sex marriage might not be recognized in Dolly Parton's native Tennessee, but the blond bombshell supports equality for all.