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Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality Supporters Seek Victory in Maine

Reeling from last year's Proposition 8 loss in California, organizers are focusing on Maine’s election, stating a victory is crucial and vital to the marriage equality movement nationwide.

Maine and Washington Update: Last chance to call voters

The campaigns to protect marriage rights in Maine and domestic partnership rights in Washington State are heating up as the two states enter the final crunch period before Election Day on November 4. We’re doing all we can to help out from here, holding weekly phone banks across California, Along with our amazing local coalition partners, we’re calling voters in Maine and Washington.

No on 1 Maine Phone Bank, Nov. 1

Maine is facing a Proposition 8-style”ballot measure that could strip same-sex marriage rights away by “a vote the people” on November 3.

25,000 Down, How About Another 10,000?

At 2:30, Amy Mello—our field director—shared some fantastic news: EQCA volunteers, along with our local coalition partners at all our offices, made our 25,000th call to Maine this afternoon, hitting our commitment to the campaign through Election Day. The California calls are a full one-third of all the out-of-state calls supporting the No on 1 campaign in Maine. Great job, volunteers!

Watch Video >> 8 - The Mormon Proposition Trailer

Trailer #1 to the documentary film "8: The Mormon Proposition". Obviously, it's about Proposition 8 and the banning of gay marriage in California. Even more, it's about the Mormons that dumped millions of dollars into taking away peoples' rights.

Governor Replies to E-mails for Out of State Couples Bill

Thousands of EQCA members sent emails to Gov. Schwarzenegger asking him to sign our out-of-state couples bill authored by Sen. Mark Leno, and on the Sunday before last, he signed SB 54 into law! He also got plenty of noise from the anti-LGBT industry and their fans, but he was apparently won over by the justness of our cause and the common-sense reasoning behind SB 54, sending many of those who asked him for it the following message:

Fighting 'Fear and Lies' in Maine

With only days left until Election Day in Maine, the fight surrounding Question 1 is bearing a stark similarity to California’s Proposition 8 battle last year. In fact, the chairman of the anti-gay PAC, Stand for Marriage Maine, has even hired the Yes on 8 PR manager Schubert Flint.

8: The Mormon Proposition Will Knock Your Socks Off

8: The Mormon Proposition will explain once and for all just how the Mormon Church operates, and how they have led the fight against marriage equality all across the United States since Utah became the first state to ban same-sex marriage in 1995.

An Early Start on Repealing Prop. 8 in 2010

LGBT organizations and non-profit coalitions across California are busy preparing to repeal Proposition 8 in next year’s election after a devastating and narrow defeat in November of 2008.