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Marriage Equality

Restore Equality 2010 Marches on Despite Decision by Courage Campaign

"Harvey Milk didn’t wait for research. He hit the streets year after year. We honor his memory by gathering signatures now so our rights can be restored in 2010 not at some later time when it might be an easier struggle.”

Political Cartoonist Earl Storm Hosts HRC Fundraiser

Quack City and Earl Storm will host a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign and a Book-Signing of his newly published collection of works from the popular internet political cartoon featuring Buckminster Duck.

NY State Senator Eric Adams Comments on Delayed Vote

I know that many of you were disappointed to learn that the bill to amend NYS Domestic Relations Law to legalize gay marriage in our State did not come to the floor of the State Senate this week for debate or a vote. I WAS DISAPPOINTED TOO!

And The Maine Point of Inequality Is?

The race to equality is still on. The LGBT community and those who advocate for equal rights, if they have not realized this fact by now, may see the defeat of equal rights in Maine as a wake up call to engage more deeply with the religious dimensions to marriage.

Equality Still Making Gains

This week citizens in Kalamazoo, MI upheld a city ordinance that includes sexual orientation and gender identity in its anti-discrimination laws. Anti-LGBT opponents launched a nasty, ugly campaign targeting and outing individual residents of the tight-knit community, distributing their photos and exploiting their lives as an attempted scare tactic. In the end these vile and irresponsible tactics may have backfired.

Major Fundraising Campaign Announced for 2010 Equality

San Francisco, CA – At rallies yesterday in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Fresno marking the somber first anniversary of the passage of Proposition 8 in California, organizers announced the launch of the first major fundraising campaign to place a marriage equality initiative on the California ballot in November 2010.

Local San Diegans Join National Fight Against H8

Local San Diegans Angela Hergenroeder and Jana Newman recently struck a pose against hate, and in doing so, joined a nationwide NOH8 campaign.

Morgan M. Hurley on the Stephanie Miller Show

On Tuesday October 27, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News Copyeditor, Morgan M. Hurley wrote a story on what is sure to be a hot topic in next years November election- the idea that a ban on divorce in the state of California is the next logical step in protecting traditional marriage. This is Morgan's interview on the Stepanie Miller Show.