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Marriage Equality

Fred Karger: Open letter to Maggie Gallagher

Why are you, all your financial backers and all your high-priced attorneys across the country hell-bent on destroying so many lives and hurting so many people, just as they are about to experience the happiest day of their lives?

Equality Plus – The "Je ne sais quoi." of winning marriage equality

How is it that “movable middle” voters are overwhelmingly willing to support relationship recognition parity in all but name? And how are those who share the wholehearted belief in equal protection, able to simultaneously reconcile their disapproval of marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples?

Maryland could recognize out of state marriages, like California

It’s unfortunate that states like Maryland, New York and California do not currently allow same-sex couples to actually get married within their borders, but it’s a good sign that they uphold their obligations to recognize marriages performed elsewhere.

One of 18,000

As one of the few (yes, 18,000 is a few!) couples that had the opportunity to legally marry in 2008, I am aware that we have a very critical responsibility to represent the fight for marriage equality. The reality of daily activities has become a sort of rally for marriage equality.

Freedom to Marry events planned Valentine's weekend

At marriage counters all over the U.S., same-sex couples will again request marriage licenses at their local County Clerk's Offices and engage in other public-education outreach efforts to help raise awareness of the harms and impact the inability to marry causes on their families.