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Marriage Equality

Love Warrior: Health care, torn at the heart

Hospital and emergency room visitation rights have varied not only by state, but in some cases by city or county. Then there are outlandish cases like mine where the law is in place to protect LGBT couples yet the hospital treats these couples inhumanely.

Illinois lawmaker plans to marry lesbian partner

State Rep. Deborah Mell is raising the marriage equality issue today in the state House by sharing how she will have to leave Illinois to wed her lesbian partner.

Sending a loud message to the Inland Empire

Here in the Inland Empire, it is still politically correct to be blunt, open and up front about being anti-LGBT. Religious-based intolerance against LGBT people and their families is all too abundant and the local youth are the ones who suffer the most.

Love Warrior: The end of 2010

As I’m sure most of you will recall the 2010 v. 2012 divide was intensely heated within our community. Friends, coworkers and organizations all drew their respective lines in the sand, and there wasn’t a gay on the block that wouldn’t shove their 10 v. 12 opinion down your throat.