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Marriage Equality

VIDEO: "Devin & Glenn" finds humor in same-sex marriage debate

As the Proposition 8 trial lingers in federal court, a group of activists has created a short film called “Devin & Glenn" that poses an intriguing question to the 44% of Californians who think homosexuals should not be allowed to marry: Why would you support prop 8 and spare them from a long, unforgiving, lifetime of wedded torment?

Love Warrior: Down the aisle and out to the polls

I was initially planning to write mainly about the previous race, because it was a direct push back on the “activist judges” concept. Then as I thought more about what voting really means and all the other races we are looking at, it made more sense to bring up the larger issue of voting as a whole.

Love Warrior: Milk and marriage

While over the last year many have focused on the division in our community about the date we return to the ballot, the reality was that we had field organizers and volunteers from a multitude of organizations working collectively and creating waves of change in California.

A letter from Marisa Tomei on Prop. 8 trial testimony project

Through "Testimony: Equality on Trial" the American people will finally be able to witness and participate in the most transformative trial in modern American history. They will witness how Perry v. Schwarzenegger destroyed the myths and lies that have been used to discriminate against LGBT people.

Argentine Senate to debate marriage equality

Gay rights activist Esteban Paulon said the vote in the House of Deputies is historic - the first time a marriage-equality initiative has been debated in a national legislature in Latin America.