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Marriage Equality

VIDEO: NOM fails to raise support for discrimination in Iowa

The NOM Tour Tracker: Rally in Des Moines proves that many Iowans are fair-minded citizens and don't view same-sex marriage as a threat. Also, watch VIDEO of NOM speakers, including Brian Brown who speaks about civil unions, divorce, and Dr. King's religious convictions.

VIDEO: NOM equates marriage equality to slave trade

The Prop 8 Trial Tracker: The National Organization for Marriage tour stops in Iowa, counter rallies continue to draw larger crowds than the anti-gay supporters. Also, Brian Brown responds to questions about the "Christian nation" and equating gay people to pedophiles.

VIDEO: NOM supporter claims gay men don’t want monogamous relationships

What questions do you have for the National Organization for Marriage organizers? More updates from Minnesota, including Chuck Daryl from Family Counsel quoting scientific study and insisting children need one mom and one dad.

VIDEOS: NOM Catholic supporter says same-sex couples OK, in "friendship"

The Prop 8 Trial Tracker: Amazing videos from St. Paul, Minn.; commentary from Brian Brown, a Catholic priest, and pastor Brad Brandon who compared gays to alcoholics, adulterers, pedophiles and more. Equality organize counter with inspiring message "... we have nothing to lose but our chains."

VIDEO: Sign at NOM rally calls for murder of gay couples

Prop 8 Trial Tracker: A supporter of the National Organization for Marriage tour speaks about why it's a sin to be gay; other updates include South Bend City Council office debating ordinance that would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity; plus, Brian Brown is back!

VIDEO: NOM Tour stop is a flop in Lima, Ohio

Activists ask, "Is National Organization for Marriage imploding right before our eyes (and cameras)?" Also, Brian Brown is still missing and Maggie Gallagher addresses crowd calling same-sex marriage a "civil wrong" and stating "it's not discrimination to treat different things differently..."