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Marriage Equality

VIDEOS: We do not hate homosexuals, we love them more - NOM speaker says

The NOM tour tracker: Raleigh, NC -- Speakers at rally claim LGBT community is harboring hate, that only 2% of the population and a radical minority wants same-sex marriage, effectively changing the western world for rights the LGBT community already has. Also, a Christian Pastor tells LGBT people “you don’t know who you really are in Christ.”

VIDEOS: Who NOM is vs. who we are

Watch a videos that compare the views of NOM spokesperson Maggie Gallagher to that of Attorney David Boies.

VIDEOS: NOM stops in Atlanta; speakers equate same-sex marriage to human extinction

NOM Tour Trackers speak to Dr. Alveda King and she explains why she is against same-sex marriage; Brian Brown says there is not connection between the history of interracial marriage and same-sex marriage; plus marriage equality supporters share what they have learned and what they have in common with Sarah Palin.

VIDEO: Prop. 8 ruling puts NOM into a frenzy

The Prop 8 Trial Tracker: Maggie Gallagher says Judge Walker is “biased” and refuses to repeat NOM’s assertion that he is gay; Chad Griffin speaks at the American Equal Rights press conference; and video of reaction to the Prop. 8 ruling outside the courthouse in San Francisco.

VIDEOS: Rachel Maddow gives her take on Prop. 8 ruling

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow devoted a considerable portion of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Wednesday night to analyzing Chief District Judge Vaughn Walker’s historical ruling declaring the California’s Proposition 8 law is unconstitutional.