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Marriage Equality

Gay couples in Ireland call for full rights to marry

Although the introduction of civil partnership legislation in Ireland may have been a victory for decency, it was not a victory for equality or civil rights, one LGBT leader says.

VIDEOS: NOM tour ends in D.C. with epic Brian Brown confrontation

Watch Brian Brown debate marriage equality and defend the Mormon religious organization; and don't miss the inspiring words from 10-year-old straight ally, Will Phillip.

VIDEO: Stephanie Miller shines in Prop. 8 debate

Talk-show host Stephanie Miller, Maryland pastor Harry Jackson, radio host Dennis Prager and San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris debate Prop. 8's constitutionality on "Larry King Live."

VIDEOS: Single-parent families not families either, NOM supporter says

The NOM tour tracker: Once again NOM supporters hide behind religious rhetoric, calling even single-parents only half a family because a true family they say is one man and one woman. Additionally, misconceptions about LGBT people and AIDS continues to be spoken by supporters as well.

VIDEOS: People will want to marry cats and dogs, NOM supporter says

Comments about the gay violent movement, the choice to be gay, and cats and dogs, demonstrate the religious fervor that drives many people among the NOM supporter rank-and-file.

VIDEOS: Vote on "The Wedding Matters" PSA

NOM Tour Tracker: Vote for the Public Service Announcement that will air across the state of California. Also, hear NOM spokesperson Maggie Gallagher defend her view that Judge Walker's ruling was skewed because of his sexuality.