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Marriage Equality

Gay marriage gets boost from Wall Street

The American Foundation for Equal Rights held a fund-raiser in New York City Wednesday night at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Columbus Circle. With scores of first-time donors in the room, many of them from Wall Street, the AFER raised more than $1.2 million – with $100,000 coming in during and after last night’s event.

VIDEO: Chris Mathews and the Republican case for gay marriage

Ken Mehlman, Steve Schmidt, Meghan McCain, Ben Ginsberg and Ted Olsen — all GOP heavy-hitters who have made the case that the party should embrace gay marriage as a stabilizing, family-building, freedom-affirming and conservative cause.

VIDEO: Takedown of NOM's lies and a coming out story

A video response to NOM's radio ad about Judge Walker's ruling on Prop. 8 unconstitutionality; and a personal story about coming out to Christian parents.

VIDEOS: NOM gets cease-and-desist order from Peter, Paul & Mary

NOM takes out radio ad asking, “Should ‘San Francisco Values’ be imposed on the rest of America?” Musicians Peter, Paul & Mary’s send cease-and-desist letter to NOM, asking them to stop playing “This Land Is Your Land” at their rallies.

Same-sex couples face myriad legal, financial hurdles

In 1997, the Government Accountability Office found that 1,049 federal rights, benefits and privileges are based on marital status. It found about 100 more after a 2003 update.