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Marriage Equality

Guam officials at odds over gay marriage

If Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson prevails in her position, Guam would become the first U.S. Pacific or Caribbean territory to extent marriage rights to same sex couples. A legal challenge to a gay marriage ban in Puerto Rico is also pending.

The CEO who took on Indiana's anti-LGBT law - and won

Meet the Salesforce CEO who was a leading voice in the national outcry against Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed last month.

More than 60 briefs urge Supreme Court to keep gay marriage bans

Republican officials including Senators Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz and religious organizations dominate a growing list of more than 60 groups urging the Supreme Court to uphold state bans against same-sex marriage.

What Americans think about gay rights and religious liberty

Most Americans support allowing businesses to refuse wedding-related services to same-sex couples on religious grounds, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll conducted earlier this year. But another recent poll suggests Americans' sympathy for religious objectors may be limited to just that — wedding-related businesses.