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Hate Crimes

Beaten by his church for being gay

Matthew Fenner claims members of the North Carolina-based The Word of Faith Fellowship subjected him to a brutal attack. Now the case is going to court.

UK: Arrest made over homophobic leaflets

An arrest has been made after a "Christmas" leaflet was distributed across Cambridge claiming that gay people are “corrupting young children” and that they are “busy worshipping each other’s anuses.”

LGBTQ-friendly lounge opens at site of awful hate crime

In a city with a "shocking lack" of gay-friendly bars and restaurants, the opening of the Steel Lounge is reason to celebrate, but also reason to reflect on a dark chapter in the LGBTQ community a decade ago.

Rise in violent homophobic crime in the UK

Hundreds of assaults on gay and lesbian people have been reported to police so far in 2014 - including more than 300 in London.