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Hate Crimes

VIDEO: Gunn High School sings away hate group

When the Kansas-based hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church announced that they would picket Bay Area schools and Jewish institutions, students at Gunn High School in Palo Alto decided they could not sit by quietly.

Texan convicted of hate crime

Three men in Galveston, Texas, were charged with hate crimes for their actions on March 1, 2009. One has already been convicted, a second man pleaded guilty Friday and a third man is scheduled to go on trial in April.

Behind the hate: Long-time activist runs new anti-gay site

A leading anti-abortion webmaster who is widely known for his extremist tactics is behind a new Internet site taking aim at gay and abortion rights supporters with ties to Kenya.

Holocaust education conference to be held at USD

A conference at the University of San Diego will teach educators how to discuss the Holocaust and explore bias-related issues in classrooms.