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Hate Crimes

Hate crime rocks LGBT club at Queens College

Homophobic messages defaced student artwork in a club for LGBT youth in the Student Union building at Queens College in New York.

Was slain principal targeted because he was gay?

“If he was targeted because he was on that chat line, then we believe it would fall under the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Law,” high-profile attorney Gloria Allred says.

VIDEO: Hate crime is reported in Tulsa, Okla.

“They were standing outside of a gay bar, and for them to exit their vehicle, their vehicle to go around the building, for them to pick them up after they punched us both, that’s kind of a sign right there that something was going on.”

Anti-gay slur painted on car at UMass Dartmouth

An openly gay student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth was the target of harassment over the weekend, when he discovered hate speech painted on his car, school officials said.