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Everyone deserves a safe, warm home - and how The Center is helping

As you know, San Diego is experiencing a housing crisis and the number of those experiencing homelessness doubled for the first time in 2020. Our LGBTQ community is experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness at higher rates, and 40% of youth who are unsheltered identify as LGBTQ. Statistics like these inform us, but they don’t tell the story of a young LGBTQ person who has been kicked out of their home and has nowhere to go, the fear-filled LGBTQ senior facing a rent increase that they cannot afford, or an LGBTQ adult living in their car because they have lost their job and housing. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the real struggle our community members face every day, but The Center believes everyone deserves a safe home and is here with life-changing, and often life-saving, Housing Programs and Services.

In fiscal year 2021, The Center has given out nearly $150,000 in rental relief to help community members stay in their homes and provided over 2,400 service visits to transitional age youth (18-24) to connect them to resources. We’ve added to our cutting-edge Housing Continuum and our Permanent Supportive Housing program to include housing for LGBTQ adults, couples, and families. Many programs include case management, connection to healthcare, mental health services, benefits enrollment, HIV testing, life skills training, educational and employment support, and much more. We’ve also expanded our case management and professional mental health staff to work with our community members facing homelessness with programs like Project Compassion, that provides free toiletries to those experiencing homelessness.

But our work doesn’t stop there. The Center’s Advocacy efforts ensure that our values were present in the City and County fiscal year 2022 budgets by advocating for and securing:

  • An additional $100 Million in Emergency Rental Assistance San Diego County
  • $5 Million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for LGBTQ affirming Housing and support services
  • The creation of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs and the Department of Homeless Solutions
  • $5 Million for the Immigrant Rights Legal Defense program
  • $11 Million for the expansion of the Mobile Crisis Response Teams

As the holidays approach, we know many in our LGBTQ community will struggle more than they ever have. We also know that many who never thought they would need our services will be searching for the affirming, supportive, and welcoming help that only The Center can provide. Click here to view an overview of our Housing Programs and Services. If you, or someone you know, needs our Housing resources, please call us at 619.800.4252 from 9am - 4pm or 619.800.4216 from 4pm - 9pm, or email us at housing@thecentersd.org.

If you are able to make a year-end gift to support these critical Housing programs and provide help and hope this season, please click here to visit our website and know your contribution is making an impact right here in your community. Your gift allows us to continue to provide the transformative help to provide everyone a safe and warm home for the holidays and beyond.