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Advocacy update from The Center

The Center is encouraging individuals to check their voter registration in advance of the upcoming Sept. 14 CA Gubernatorial Recall Election.

With the start of August, The Center is picking up our community engagement efforts on two important civic engagement actions. First, as announced by the California Secretary of State, a special election will be held on September 14th for the California Gubernatorial Recall Election. All registered San Diego voters will be mailed a ballot on the week of August 16th, giving voters nearly a month to mark their ballot and return it before Election Day. We encourage voters to check their voter registration to make sure their residence and mailing addresses are up to date by visiting www.sdvote.com

Second, every ten years, after the federal Census is confirmed, San Diego residents have an opportunity to voice how they feel district boundaries for federal, state, and local elected offices should be redrawn. This process is called redistricting and throughout the rest of 2021, The Center will be alerting you to opportunities to engage in this process at the San Diego City, County, and Statewide level. It is important that districts are drawn fairly and create districts that represent the communities included within their boundaries. And don’t worry if you’ve never participated in the redistricting process, we’ll be hosting trainings and sharing tools throughout this process so everyone feels prepared and has a chance to get involved.

If you have questions or want to get involved more in The Center’s Civic Engagement efforts, mail our team at civicengagement@thecentersd.org to connect.