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The Center's Housing Services

The Center's Housing Services

As we know, San Diego is experiencing a housing crisis and many in our LGBTQ community are experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. 40% of youth who are homeless are LGBTQ, and we know that their lives, as well those of LGBTQ adults, are significantly harder, and that real disparities exist in housing for our community. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this issue and our Referral and Resource phone line, one of our Emergency Services during the pandemic, has received an overwhelming number of calls from community members looking for help. 

And help we have! Whether we are responding to an LGBTQ senior facing an unaffordable rent increase, a young LGBTQ person who has been kicked out of their home, or an LGBTQ adult living in their car because they have lost their job and housing, The Center has made a difference for our community members when they really need it. During the pandemic, The Center has given out nearly $150,000 in rental relief, and we have continued to advocate for more affordable and permanent supportive housing, more LGBTQ-inclusive emergency housing, wraparound services, bolder rental protections, and more resources for rental relief, no matter one’s immigration status.

 Over the past year and a half, we’ve added to our cutting-edge Housing Continuum including LGBT Safe S.T.A.Y. - an overnight Emergency Housing program for LGBTQ youth that is currently open seven nights a week; a Host Home program; an Emergency Hotel Voucher program, and we’ve doubled our Permanent Supportive Housing program to include housing for LGBTQ adults, couples, and families. We continue to work and support existing programs like North Park Senior Apartments and Sunburst Youth Housing Project - making a real difference in the lives of youth and seniors - some of our most vulnerable community members. We’ve also added specialized case management and professional mental health staff to work with our community members facing homelessness.

 We believe that every person deserves a home and will continue to do the work right here in our community to create housing programs and resources until that dream is realized.