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Update from Stepping Stone

Update from Stepping Stone
We all have been living in very trying times, and the day-to-day uncertainty can promote a significant degree of stress in our lives. Although the delivery of our services has changed, we continue to provide the structure needed to support long-term sobriety and mental health awareness. Stepping Stone continues to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of clients and staff members.
The pandemic has impacted service delivery in many industries, however addiction and mental health disorders are unafraid of this virus and do not lie dormant during this pandemic. Stepping Stone’s staff has held steady to make sure our patients receive the services they need. In December, when the virus paid our residential facility a visit, staff rose to the occasion and stood together continuing to provide support to clients in need.
Due to the pandemic we have adapted to a new normal. As a result, alumni, who have historically been an integral part of our community, have been unable to participate and many of our traditional events have changed. One such event, our graduation ceremonies, have been missed by many. We have been discussing how we might reintegrate this important event by hosting it virtually. If alumni have any suggestions on how best to accomplish this, please contact us at Stepping Out. We have also started an Aftercare group. Currently it is on Zoom and it is open to people who have gone through our program at some point in time. It is on Thursday evening at 6:00. If you are interested, give Joe Westcott a call at 619-763-1140 ext. 205 and he will provide the details to participate in this group.

Dealing With Grief & Loss

Statistics reflect higher levels of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse as a result of the pandemic.  Usually, we have places we can go or others we can connect with to help with these issues. For many, the ability to meaningfully connect with others is diminished when utilizing online platforms. While some have adapted easily, others still struggle. Please know that our doors are open at Stepping Out. If you or someone you know is struggling don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by to see us. 
More information about Stepping Stone can be found here.