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Equality California seeks allies to stand with the Asian-American community against hate

Equality California seeks allies to stand with the Asian-American community against hate

A few weeks ago, a man was caught on camera violently attacking a 91-year-old Asian American man on a Oakland, CA street corner in broad daylight. Just days later, a 64-year-old woman was robbed in front of a Vietnamese market in San Jose.

These brutal and disgraceful attacks unfortunately aren't an anomaly. Close to 3,000 hate crime incidents targeting Asian Americans have been reported since the start of the pandemic.[1]

This is a national emergency -- and we need your help.

That’s why I’m calling on YOU to step up and pledge to join Equality California as an ally to the Asian American community and take a stand against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Sign the pledge here.

As the LGBTQ+ community knows all too well, nobody deserves to be targeted for hate and discrimination simply because of who they are.

For too long, LGBTQ+ people have endured unspeakable violence just for expressing their authentic selves. We sadly understand what it’s like to confront this hatred, and that’s why our solidarity is so important today.

President Biden recently signed an executive order calling for more protections for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, but that’s not enough.

Equality California is calling on our members and supports to join us in the pledge to:

  • Call out anti-Asian American hate in all instances;
  • Protect and defend our neighbors and friends from racism; and
  • Actively work to be inclusive and anti-racist in all of our advocacy efforts.

Take our pledge today to commit to actively stand with the Asian American community and build a California -- and a country -- that firmly rejects all forms of hate.

In Solidarity,

- Tony