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The Center's Project TRANS changes lives and creates community

The Center's Project TRANS changes lives and creates community

Dear Center Community,

The Center’s Project TRANS (Transgender Referrals, Assistance, Networking, and Services) serves our San Diego transgender and nonbinary community. At the beginning of the pandemic, Project TRANS was one of the first programs to bring its direct support services virtual - including case management, advocacy, name and gender marker changes services, and discussion and support groups.

Throughout this crisis, Project TRANS’ support and discussion groups have served as a virtual safe space in a welcoming community. Support groups include San Diego Trans Military Discussion Group, the Transgender Coming Out Group, the Trans Masculine Discussion Group, Diamonds in the Rough for trans feminine women, and Trans SOFFA (a Group for Significant Others, Friends, Families, or Allies), the Nonbinary Gender Identity & Exploration group, and Finding Your Voice - a group that works with transgender women on posture, voice, confidence, and finding their power. The majority of groups are peer-led by our truly incredible and dedicated volunteers, and some groups are facilitated by The Center’s Behavioral Health Services team, all leading with compassion and competence, acknowledging how important it is for our service providers to reflect the community we serve. Project TRANS, with the help of our Behavioral Health Services department, also provides gender-affirming letters for gender confirmation surgeries and links clients to care including primary care, specialty care like HIV care and prevention, hormone replacement therapy, and referrals to plastic surgeons. In partnership with USD Law, Project TRANS hold a monthly Name & Gender Marker Change Clinic (detail further down) and, as of last week, has served 500 community members. They connect parents to services for youth and families both at The Center and in the community, they meet the needs of our Spanish-speaking immigrant community and asylum seekers, and work in coalition with community organizations, showing up when called for our community in crisis - whether that is collaborating on an action plan for a suicidal LGBTQ youth or advocating for an incarcerated transgender man so that he was able to get appropriate care and medication. The Center’s Project TRANS is, and continues to be, a welcoming space, a trusted partner, and a real lifeline for our transgender and nonbinary community. If you, or someone you know, is in need of The Center’s transgender and nonbinary services, please reach out, email trans@thecentersd.org or call 619.692.2077 x 162. To see the discussion and support groups, click here

In community,

-Cara Dessert (Pronouns: She/Her/Hers)Chief Executive Officer