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Trans Family Support Services seeking mentors for Kyler's Konnections program

Trans Family Support Services

Are you looking for a guided mentorship by someone in the transgender community with transition experience? Are you a trans/gender-non-conforming adult wanting to support our younger trans folks? TransFamily Support Services is proud to announce our mentorship program - Kyler's Konnections - is now available in a virtual setting.  

Over the last few months we have been recreating our youth mentorship program, which is focused on helping young trans/gnc folks by matching them with an adult with transition experience for a commitment of at least one year. They will be able to meet virtually over Zoom or other safe contact, with mentors providing support to guide mentees through their journey.

Our goal is to build a foundation of trained trans/gnc adults to help our youth community to not only survive, but thrive. For parents, that means the ability to build a trusting relationship with someone of real-life experience in a safe environment.

We accept applicants of all youth to age 30 as mentees, and are currently recruiting trans/gnc adults, especially transfem folks. In the meantime, we host multiple support groups through Zoom and a moderated discord chat server in which we invite you to participate.

If you would like to sign up now as either a mentor or mentee or have any questions, Please contact our youth programs coordinator Gregory Richardson at mentorships@transfamilysos.org. Mentors and mentees will be asked to complete an application and attend training and orientation before being matched. 

More information is available here.