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North County LGBTQ Resource Center supports community members during COVID-19 pandemic

North County LGBTQ Resource Center supports community members during COVID-19 pandemic
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 lock down our Center has rapidly turned into emergency mode. By now the demand for services and help in our community have reached un unprecedented new normal.
The San Diego Foundation, Leichtag Foundation along with the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, stepped up to support our programming and provided emergency funds to help people with food, housing, mental health and so much more. We were able and continue to assist hundreds of people in need while advocating for our community needs.
Check out some of #OurStories, shared by people impacted by the Center's support below. 
Dear Max & North county LGBTQ center,

I am a lesbian disabled divorcee and live in my RV in Oceanside and am going through some tough times currently. I reached out to Max and the Center for some direction and support and they softened the blows I’ve been taking lately. Not only did they give me a couple gift cards for some food but they also helped put gas in my RV/full time home! That was a game changer for me as I’m on disability and I could have never afforded to do that!!! I have a bit less stress surrounding me currently thanks to Max and the LGBTQ center!! I cannot express my gratitude for what they have offered and given me. Thank you so much. I hope many others can be graced by what you’re doing to help and embrace this chaotic life situation that’s currently happening in this world! Much love to everyone involved! Thank you Max, you’re an angel! Sincerely,

-Stephanie H.

We are writing to thank the North County LGBTQ Center for assisting us in a time of dire need. The center’s director, Max, has been instrumental in helping us to find a permanent apt after a few years of being marginally housed. When COVID-19 hit, me and my wife called Max and he refereed us to another agency that was placing houseless people in hotels. Within weeks, the Center helped us to found an apt and they were instrumental in helping us with move-in costs. Additionally, they connected us to healthy food more than once. Without the North County LGBTQ Center, we would still be houseless. We are extremely grateful.

-Sally P. & Inga A.

My name is Jesse, I am a black queer non binary person and I’ve been homeless almost a year and a half now. It’s just me and my newly adopted pitbull-terrier, Sushi. Times have been hard since the pandemic began. No ability to panhandle due to social distancing. No money to panhandle because of people have been cut out of work, my family included, hindering their ability to help me. The NC Lgbtq Resource Center, has managed to use some of these funds acquired to aid me for 2 nights at a hotel where I have been staying at for almost a month. They also provided food and resources and connected me to Stepping Stone for a detox program. I recently ran out of my personal funds, so I was in jeopardy of being out in the car. The Center saved me with those funds, from the cold. Forever grateful.

-Jesse S.

I have been attending the North County LGBTQ Resource Center for almost two years and have had multiple roles as volunteer, committee member, and staff. Meeting the people I did and feeling the support that I felt from everyone at the North County LGBTQ Resource Center was helpful enough and more than I could have asked for. In the middle of this pandemic my partner and I made the decision that moving 8 hours away would be best for us at this time. At the point of making the decision to move we both had not worked for about two months due to the pandemic and that definitely added stress and financial worry to our move. The North County LGBTQ Resource Center provided financial assistance for us to be able to have a smoother move and took some stress off of our shoulders. The cost of renting a U-Haul and transporting it 8 hours came at a cost but it made an impactful difference to have the cost covered by the center. The move was a great decision for us and we are thankful for the assistance of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center for helping us get here.

-Bianca R.

My name is Felicia, I am a black trans female that has just moved to Ca from out of State due to violence. The NC Resource Center, has been great helping and supporting me through my journey. They have food and clothes to give away to the ones in need. They will help with my name change and other gender related things. I was even blessed to get a job and I have to thank the NC Resource Center on all their support.


I wanted to thank all the staff from the Center for all the help. I am a black trans male that due to the strains of COVID needed to relocate from North County to SD for more opportunity. Thanks to their support I was able to pay for my moving expenses, buy groceries and get settled in my new home. The financial help the Center gave me made a huge difference.


I'm currently in the process of moving into a healthier living situation. The process of moving has been stressful and expensive especially during the time of COVID, and starting at a new school. The Center and its emergency funds helped to greatly ease the burden of moving by assisting me with moving costs, helping to pay for the deposit. This was the difference between me moving into a healthier living environment and me remaining in the current living situation that I am in now. I am so appreciative of the support that the North County LGBTQ Resource Center has offered me.  Thank you so much again!


Asking for help can be so difficult but we all need a little community support sometimes. I'm so grateful to the North County LGBTQ Resource Center for the relief grant they provided to me. I'm a person who's never been in a spot where I needed to ask for help - I've so often been the one providing help or connecting others to support resources. But along came COVID-19, and I found myself struggling to find full-time work, and accessing unemployment benefits was a challenge. Thanks to the grant, I was able to pay my cell phone bill so that I could remain connected to other programs and benefits, and also put money towards rent so that I was able to remain in my home. I couldn't have gotten through this without the support and I'll be forever grateful.

-Benny C.