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"The Try Guys" Eugene Lee Yang officially comes out in stunning music video

Photo credit:
 Eugene Lee Yang - Facebook

Eugene Lee Yang of YouTube's The Try Guys has made perhaps the most important video of his life. Titled "I'm Gay," it chronicles his coming out and people are relating to it on a very personal and emotional level. 

San Diego Pride's Executive Director Fernando Zweifach López Jr even commented on it this weekend saying, "You need to watch this! I cried!" he wrote on Facebook. "It’s so powerful.  I just felt like I was watching my own coming out journey unfold in front of me. Just wow."

Yang is a BuzzFeed alum who branched out with other comedians and actors to form The Try Guys, a quartet of influencers who will do almost anything for comedic effect. 

"The Try Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation," is their most famous viral video with views that surpass 30 million.

Born in Texas, Yang's parents are immigrants from Korea, and based on that cultural dynamic coming out isn't easy. 

"I created this music video as my personal way of coming out as a proud gay man who has many unheard, specific stories to tell," Yang wrote on Facebook. "I withheld because of fear and shame shaped by my background but I promise to give my full truth in the rest of my life's work."

Yang has always been involved with the LGBT community, but this video is his official public coming out statement. 

The video features music by ODESZA. and is choreographed by Yang himself. Drag queens Mayhem Miller and Kim Chi also make a special appearance. 

"I'm Gay" also serves as a fundraiser for The Trevor Project. So far, The Try Guys have raised over $65k in donations.