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San Diego Gay Men's Chorus will sing at Flicks' Pulse anniversary memorial

"Resist Hate /// Embrace Love" at Flicks will start at 6 pm.

If you were at the massive vigil held in memory of the innocent lives lost at Pulse nightclub in 2016, you probably remember the moving public performance by the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus. They will raise their voices once again tonight. 

San Diego's Flicks is hosting a special evening to honor those 49 innocent souls lost in Orlando, Florida three years ago. 

At the time, the mass shooting was the largest in U.S. history, taking 49 lives and injuring dozens more. The tragedy struck the LGBT community particularly hard as Pulse was a gay nightclub.

The shooting occurred during the nightclub’s Latino night, and the majority of the victims were LGBT people of color.

Tonight's "Resist Hate /// Embrace Love" at Flicks will start at 6 pm and is also a fundraiser for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and includes a buffet, special speaking guests, and entertainment by SDGMC and the Imperial Court.

The Chorus will sing two very special songs toward the end of the evening: Over the Rainbow and Imagine, the same songs they performed three years ago at the Center and in front of Rich' and Flicks.

The event will also have a drag show, complimentary buffet provided by Uptown Tavern and Baja Betty's along with prizes and drink specials. 

Attendees will include the Executive Director and the Development Director of the Matthew Shepherd Foundation.

Members of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus, The Imperial Court, Lambda Archives, and Civic Leaders will also be there.

Jeff Martinhauk of Saint Paul's Cathedral will give the Invocation. 

"Resist Hate /// Embrace Love" at Flicks will start at 6 pm and goes until 8:30 pm. 

Flicks is located at 1017 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92103 (619) 297.2056